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Welcome to AFIA


The Aluminium Foil Insulation Association (AFIA) is the National Peak Body representing the majority of independent manufacturers of radiant barrier insulations and reflective foil laminates available in Australia. AFIA was formed in 1998 out of the need to have aluminium foil reflective insulations and their manufacturers represented on industry related discussion groups. As a result of this approach the Association has undergone many changes and challenges, and today it now represents the largest membership of all Australian insulation industry associations.

AFIA has over the years, worked assiduously to promote highest and best use of aluminium foil insulation, and for higher standards in the insulation industry to ensure that all Standards and Regulations are fair and impartial in their implementation. Additionally, AFIA has attempted at all times to work constructively within the framework of Australian Standards and other areas of public policy developments to further ensure its members and their products are fairly represented.