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Health and Safety

AFIA Safety Guidelines: AFIA is very conscious of the hazards that are present in the work environmemt for installers of reflective insulation and has taken measures to assist its members and installers to mimimise these risks. Risks that are considered are:- Working at heights Working in constricted spaces Working amongst […]


Building Science

Condensation: AFIA welcomes the Draft Second Edition of the ABCB Condensation Handbook which we find is much more informative and useful than the first edition released in 2011. Condensation is a very pertinent issue for Australian buildings as we deal with the implications of increased thermal R-values in roofs, walls and […]


Codes & Standards

AS 3999:1992: AFIA has been working diligently with Standards Australia Technical Committee BD058 in the long awaited review of AS 3999:1992. The Public Comment draft of the revised standard is due to be released for review in earky Oct 2013. This version will be much more comprehensive than the 1992 […]